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You can be STRONG and FIT
The internet inundates us with information claiming that different training modalities are the best at making you fit and healthy. It can be extremely difficult to discern what to believe.

Whether your goals are weight loss, to reduce body fat, to gain lean muscle, to increase flexibility, or just to begin and continue an exercise program, we can help remove the guesswork and provide you with an elite personal training experience.

Success in the gym is about training smart. Its about using your time wisely to train the right way so that you avoid injury and maximize your results because results can come faster than you think. Reflex Performance incorporates scientific principles of strength and conditioning. These principles combined with personalized flexibility programs and corrective exercise programs to enhance proper biomechanics allow you to experience gains in the gym you didn’t think were possible.

Personal Trainers
Reflex is owned and operated by Nader Freij, Peter Ngo, and Tom Legath. Each one brings a unique brand of knowledge and experience that makes Reflex unlike any gym you have trained at before. Say goodbye to boring and traditional weight machines. Instead have a little fun while you workout. Each personal trainer at Reflex Performance is hand picked and has demonstrated skill levels at the top of the industry. There is a trainer to fit everyone’s goals and personality.

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