Healthy Nutrition


Nutritional Counseling

Just like workout routines, information about health and nutrition is readily available from all spectrums. Often, this information contradicts itself and can be extremely confusing to consumers who are looking for answers to their health problems.

Reflex Performance employs principles of health and nutrition ranging from Paleo food choices, food choices similar to the metabolic typing method used by Dr. William Kelley, detoxification, and lifestyle changes.

Health and nutrition are a process of changing the way you live your life. We can help you reduce stress and anxiety, learn how to read labels and make better choices, improve sleep and learn meal preparation and cooking.

Our clients go through an assessment process to determine individual metabolic type and oxidative type first. There are 3 overarching categories that we all fall into. Protein Type, Vegetarian (Carb) Type, or Mixed Type. Each type has 4 subtypes. Once your type is determined we can make a recommendation about what types of protein will work best with your body and in what ratios. We can recommend, more specifically, the ratios of fibrous and starchy vegetables as well as specific fats that will help you to look and feel healthy.

The next portion of the assessment evaluates each bodily system ranging from the Liver or Upper GI to the Cardiovascular System or vitamin deficiencies. This portion also includes assessing for symptoms of toxicity. Finally, an environmental checklist can help to show each client where potential toxins are coming from and what changes to make that can help eliminate these symptoms.

Further testing, ifneeded or desired, is available. These tests include:
> Adrenal Stress Profile
> Heavy Metal Toxicity
> Stool Analysis
> Blood Test for Allergens