About Us

Reflex Performance is a private personal training studio in Pasadena, California. We provide services in personal training, youth physical education, fitness/nutrition coaching, massage therapy, acupuncture, active release technique, and fascial stretch therapy.

Our multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness is a perfect fit for not only the average desk/office worker but also the competitive level athlete. We strive to bring out the best in our clients, no matter what level they are at!


Nader Freij / Training



Nader stands for complete fitness. His passion is for exercise and food, believing that the combination of both can lead to total body transformation. Nader has been working as a personal trainer for the past nine years, perfecting his own “tough love” style of coaching. He has led many clients towards achieving personal goals and continues to develop as a coach. Two years ago, Nader began taking culinary school courses to learn how classical cooking techniques could benefit his clients. With his existing knowledge of nutrition, Nader has used this training to help clients change the way they experience food. Nader offers what he believes is the total package of health and fitness.

Live BIG. Live STRONG. Live NOW. www.NaderFIT.com

Tom Legath cscs / Nutrition and Training




Tom began his personal training career in 2006 at LA Fitness and joined the training team at Equinox in Pasadena CA in summer 2007. While there, he rose to Tier 3 personal trainer and Master Instructor at The Equinox Training Institute. In February 2010 he left Equinox to go out on his own and formed LIFT: Lifelong Integrated Fitness training, a company that provided nutrition and lifestyle coaching with the personal training experience. This unique experience continues at Reflex Performance.

Tom holds certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in personal training and corrective exercise therapy. He utilizes postural analysis and the FMS (functional movement screen) to develop each client’s flexibility program and, when needed, corrective exercise program. His unique insight allows for better biomechanics, improved flexibility, pain reduction (and even elimination), increased strength and muscle tone as well a renewed sense of health and well being.

> Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist: National Strength and Conditioning Association

> Neurosomatic Educators Somatic Level Therapist (IP): neurosomaticeducators.com

> Nutritional Ecologist

> BA in Anthropology/ Film and Media Arts: Temple University

Peter Ngo cscs lmt art / Therapy and Training




> Bachelors of Science in Kinesiotherapy California State University of Long Beach with a minor is Psychology

> Licensed as a Full Body ART Active Release Techniques® Practitioner Long Nerve Entrapment and Ironman Provider

> Fascial Stretch Therapist from the Stretch to Win Institute

> Neurosomatic Educators Somatic Level Therapist (IP)

> RTP Registerred Trigenics Practitioner (IP)

> CSCS Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

> Titleist Performance Institute Golf Biomechanics and Fitness/Medical Professional

> Gray Cook’s FMS Functional Movement Screen and Advanced Level 2 SFMA Selective Functional Movement Assessment

> PICP Poliquin International Certification Program level 2

> SASTM Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Carpal Tunnel, Inc.

Peter Ngo delivers a comprehensive physical rehabilitation, personal training, and performance enhancement for the general population and sports enthusiast.

Peter has worked alongside with personal trainers, physical therapist, athletic trainers, massage therapist, and chiropractors. His experience and dedication has given him the opportunity to work with clients and patients ranging from the general population to the competitive level athlete.